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Pedro Olivares

Pedro´s path in the wine world has been unstoppable. Many define him as an endless traveller, a crazy for nature that does not stop in his attempt to innovate.

It is probably his own experience what best describes the creation of his wines, and how he ventures into large projects, or conversely, in projects with a limited market presence. This contrast has placed Pedro in a particular position, which already has some experts talking.

He has been dedicated to travel, to experience, to learn and to love his work. New Zealand, Australia, California, Italy, Brazil, Central Europe, etc … each of these places have given him wisdom and great friends.

Pedro is not motivated by public acclamation or awards, but by knowing that the person that has the pleasure of tasting his brand understands that behind it, there is an indescribable duel between the soil and man. So he does realize that his life is just that, to CREATE.