Wild Series


rying to explain WILD is something wild itself. The intent of this project is to discover, pamper, select, share, suffer … with the native varieties of each wine-making area discovered.

We are surrounded by a spectacular wine heritage that often dies for the benefit of production and commercialism.

Year after year this agricultural capital sinks into its misery, and its heirs get rid of it, sometimes due to ignorance, sometimes due to a lack of explanation, there is no one explaining the great effort made by previous generations, so we can enjoy today something unique and unreachable for most mortals in the whole world.
I recall with pleasure those conversations in Australia about the behaviour of what we call here in Spain “old vines”. In Australia they dream about having them, whilst here in Spain we dream with tearing them just to collect the incentive payment for tearing. Brutal.

The Wild paradise, the countryside, the mountains, the hills covered with vineyards, it is what is pretended to present on the bottle’s label with this nomenclature.