Mediterranean Cuvée


Eating and Drinking in many places gives you a vast experience in many culinary facets.
Something similar happens with wine tasting.

After wandering around the Mediterranean I missed a wine that would unify the spirit of this temperate climate, producing wines pigmented by the sun, adorned with a fruity strength and extraordinary wisdom.

For the manufacturer, the Bobal and Monastrrell had to be the main characters in this first act, hence the appearance of Bobastrell. A cuvee of Bobal from Utiel and Monastrell of various heights in the Bullas area.

The name “Bobastrell” was authored by the owner of one of the largest wine distributors in the USA.

New varieties will be joining this assembly soon, always a national heritage, such as Grenache, Carignan, etc … always with its origins influenced by the Mediterranean Sea.